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Eye Glasses

Glasses not only help to correct vision problems, but with the right pair, can also make you look stylish and feel great. Euro Optika has a large selection of high end frames from some of the top brands such as Lindberg and Oliver Peoples, to fit any face and any budget! We offer complete glasses, complete with frames and prescription lenses. Just bring your prescription in or schedule an appointment with our doctor for an eye exam. Whether you’re near sighted, far sighted, or need bi-focals, we’ll set you up with a perfect set of glasses you’ll love and look great in for years to come. You can also buy some of the most popular eye glasses from some of the top brands at our online shop.


Come in and check out Euro Optika’s large selection of high end sunglasses from some of the top brands. We have lots of popular options and our experts can help you find a pair that will look great on your face. We offer options such as polarized and prescription lenses. The sunglasses we offer are specially designed to keep away bright light and avoid glare. You’ll love how our sunglasses look on you, that’s our personal promise. Come in today to browse or selection or you can also buy some of the most popular sunglasses from some of the top brands at our online shop.

Eye Exams

Not seeing as clearly as you used to? Euro Optika can provide the clarity you need! Our experienced doctors provide quick, easy and painless eye exams. At your exam, the doctor will run a series of tests to determine your prescription if needed, or the best treatment options should you be experiencing any eye related heath issues. Our doctors are caring, compassionate, and will have you seeing clearly again! Schedule an eye exam today.

Contact Lenses

Whether you’ve been wearing lenses for years or are deciding to start, Euro Optika can provide you with a perfect pair of contact lenses that will feel so comfortable, you’ll practically forget you’re wearing them at all. We carry all the most popular brands in all prescriptions. Our professionals will help you find the best lenses for your needs, and if you’re a first time wearer, we’ll even help you with putting them on and answer any questions you may have about maintaining them. Come in today to browse or selection of contact lenses.


Broke your favorite pair of glasses? Or perhaps your sunglasses aren’t sitting on your face correctly anymore? Lenses cracked or scratched up? Euro Optika may be able to help. Our professionals have the skills and tools to fix and repair many common issues that can happen with frames and lenses. We will do what we can to fix your glasses at an affordable rate, and if a repair can’t be made, we’ll work with you to replace your glasses with a similar set or something new altogether. Come to Euro Optika for all your eyeglasses repair needs.